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*** Look here if you want to start a new My Place Community ***

For those of you that are in this group and are considering starting a My Place Community in your own town or suburb, the quickest way to help us help you to get up and running is to send an email message to:

In that message, please include:

• Your full name

• Your contact phone number

• Your town or suburb

• The skills and experience that you have

• The number of people you have joining you as a steering team

Your message will be acknowledged and you will be provided with details of our next startup community online meeting.

It’s OK if you are alone or don’t yet have a large group. New communities have successfully started with only one leader, just like you.

It’s also worth checking here to see whether there is a community established near you:

Having nearby neighbours doesn’t necessarily stop you from establishing a community and it may support you 😊

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

My Place Australia