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My Place Australia

Positive Culture Agreement

To commit to living in harmony with a conscious agreement in self and collaboratively we invite you to consider the following:

Creative – underlying premise – “Do No Harm” only to “Do Good”

What is my vision for the future? How can my purpose contribute to change the future?

Constructive – Underlying premise – “Actions have consequences”

What tools do I have? By joining others are my ideas better served?

Cooperative – Underlying premise – “Greater Benefits result”

Am I teacher or a doer? How can I be of value in this community?

With a culture agreement comes values, we invite you to consider elevating in collective consciousness, our aspirations, intentions, discussions, behaviours and actions in both our face to face and online interactions embody the following:

We ask that you agree with a conscious effort to:

~Participate with integrity, respect and honour to your fellow members of your community.

~Practice deep listening and respect all voices through a purpose concord of participants expressing their concerns to discuss, within their community, corrective remedies and solutions.

~Value all members’ dedication, sharing, goodwill, benevolent intentions and tone during speech.

~Agree to uphold all values of My Place Communities and always assist where needed towards sustaining the overall vision of building a better future.

~I am accountable for any mal-intentions, all physical behaviours, all actions face to face, or through any medium of communications and willing to be held to account. I agree to never harass, intimidate or approach a member in any way of misconduct and human rights. I will be respectful, courteous, kind and helpful.

~Agree to be an inclusive community with no discrimination.

~I agree to fulfil roles assigned to me and that I volunteered for, whether that is as a coordinator, community action coordinator, treasurer, project developer or any other roles I volunteered for, to the best of my ability. Remembering I can always ask for help. All roles holding finance always to be transparent to the community group.

~I agree to communicate to the Project Management Team before speaking or contacting Media of any sort.

~Any large projects or business ventures I agree to discuss with my coordinator team.

~No telemarketing or business sales are to approach My Place Australia platforms.

When using private property we will agree to a waiver or insurance if required and always act responsibly to protect the property from damage.

If this agreement is disrespected.

There will be a meeting to make the individual aware of their behaviour, both parties allowed to address the situation and the coordinator team will decide if the situation required a warning or action. These conversations will be encouraged the right way with a neutral party.

You can download a printable version here

My Place Australia